Within the domain hosting portal, establish a CNAME record under the designated domain, such as, and direct it towards our servers located at This configuration ensures smooth connectivity and seamless integration.

Please follow the steps below before connecting Apple Pay through BridgerPay:

  1. Access your portal by logging in at the designated URL, <>.
  2. Locate and select the "Settings" option from the left-hand menu.
  3. Within the "Settings" section, navigate to "Apple Pay".
  4. Navigate to the top right corner and click on "New Certificate" and download the CSR file.
  5. In your Apple developer account , select Certiifcates, Identifiers and Profiles, Then under Identifiers, select Merchant IDs.
  6. Choose the Merchant ID that you would like to add the certificate to, and click edit and then create certificate.
  7. Follow the instruction to upload your CSR file, downloaded in the previous step.
  8. Create a certificate by clicking generate, and then download it.
  9. Upload your .cer certificate to