Nuvei Setup


Within the domain hosting portal, establish a CNAME record under the designated domain, such as, and direct it towards our servers located at This configuration ensures smooth connectivity and seamless integration.

Please follow the steps below before connecting Apple Pay through BridgerPay:

  1. Access your Nuvei portal by logging in at the designated URL,
  2. Locate and select the "Settings" option from the left-hand menu.
  3. Within the Settings section, navigate to "My Account".
  4. Proceed to the "Apple Pay Domain Verification" section.
  5. To add a new domain, click on the "Add Domain" button.
  6. Provide the domain where you intend to display the Apple Pay button. For example:
  7. Follow the instructions provided in the window to correctly place the domain verification file at the specified route.
  8. Please provide the domain location to the assigned onboarding specialist or support team in order to complete the configuration process.