Payment Links

Leverage the power of Payment Links to facilitate online sales without the need for a dedicated website. Effortlessly generate a comprehensive payment page with minimal effort, enabling you to swiftly share the link with your valued customers.

Embrace the flexibility of accepting payments through links at any given time

A payment link is a singular payment form that encapsulates order details and can be conveniently transmitted through channels such as email, messaging platforms, and other accessible means. Upon clicking the payment link, customers are directed to a payment form tailored to their specific transaction. This form provides them with the flexibility to select their preferred payment method, including credit cards and various alternative options, followed by confirming and submitting their payment.

This streamlined process ensures that the entire transaction can be completed swiftly, requiring only a few clicks. Notably, there is no requirement for a dedicated payment page or any supplementary integrations.

How to create a Payment Link?

  1. Get authorized as a merchant.
  2. Utilize create payment link to generate your payment link with ease and efficiency.
  3. Effectively communicate and share the payment link with your esteemed customer.
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer {{ACCESS_TOKEN}}
  "order_id" : "g173aa02",
  "first_name": "FirstName",
  "last_name": "LastName",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "country" : "US",
  "amount": 10,
  "address":"Test Address 1",
  "expires_at":"{{EPOCH CODE}}",
  "deposit_button_text":"Pay now",
    "order_summary": {
    "Name": "Star Hotel",
    "Reservation Number": "R12345QW",
    "Name of Guest": "John Doe",
    "Arrival Date": "{{EPOCH CODE}}"

Customize the design of the payment link form to align with your brand identity and enhance brand coherence

With utmost ease, you can effortlessly modify the theme of the payment link checkout form to harmonize seamlessly with your brand identity. Choose from a range of available themes, including "dark," "light," "transparent," and "bright," granting you the flexibility to align the form's appearance precisely with your branding preferences.

How to revoke a payment link?

  1. Get authorized as a merchant.
  2. Utilize revoke a payment link to revoke your payment link.
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer {{ACCESS_TOKEN}}