Offer ultimate payment flexibility: PayWith empowers your customers to divide their purchase across any combination of cards, wallets, and APMs

What is PayWith?

PayWith revolutionizes the payment experience by enabling customers to utilize a diverse range of payment methods to conveniently complete their transactions. With PayWith, customers enjoy enhanced flexibility when it comes to making purchases, as they can now leverage a variety of cards, wallets, and alternative payment methods (APMs) in any combination they prefer.

The key features of PayWith include:

  1. Ultimate Payment Flexibility: PayWith empowers customers to divide their purchase amount across multiple payment methods. This means they can utilize different cards, wallets, and APMs to complete their transaction, creating a seamless and personalized payment experience.
  2. Dynamic Splitting: You have the ability to set the minimum transaction value, and PayWith automatically offers the maximum number of splits available based on your configuration. This ensures that customers have optimal flexibility in choosing their preferred payment methods for each transaction.
  3. Provider Control: With PayWith, you have the flexibility to toggle on or off your PayWith-compatible providers. This gives you the freedom to select the payment methods and providers that best align with your business model and customer preferences.

By leveraging PayWith, you can enhance the payment experience for your customers, providing them with a wide array of payment options and the freedom to split their purchases in a way that suits them best.

How to embed PayWith checkout widget?

Please follow the requirements below:

  1. Get authorized as a merchant.
  2. Create a server session to generate a cashier token.
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer {{ACCESS_TOKEN}}
  "cashier_key": "{cashier_key}",
  "order_id": "g173aa02",
  "currency": "EUR",
  "country": "NL",
  "first_name": "Juan",
  "last_name": "Lopez",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "language": "en",
  "state": null,
  "address": "Boenluif 30",
  "city": "Hoogwoud",
  "zip_code": "1718 AZ",
  "theme": "bright",
  "amount": 10,
  "phone": "+328141112233",
  "paywith_max_instances_limit": 3


It's important to note that when sending optional details during the checkout process, the end user will not see those fields on the checkout form. These optional details, although included in the transaction request, will not be displayed to the user during the payment process. Therefore, it's crucial to carefully consider which details are necessary for the user to provide directly and which can be submitted programmatically without requiring user input. This helps to streamline the checkout experience and minimize any potential confusion for the end user.

  1. Embed a Checkout by using cashier_key and the generated cashier_token.

To display the Checkout widget in an HTML-supporting application, such as a web browser, you can integrate the server-side checkout scheme by inserting the following code as a script or embedding it within an iFrame on a desired web resource:

<!DOCTYPE html> 
<script src="" 


<!DOCTYPE html>
<iframe width=700px height=1000px src="




To initiate the payment process, please ensure the following steps are completed:

  1. Checkout needs to be activated of type "PayWith".
  2. At least one PSP which supports PayWith needs to be connected via BridgerPay dashboard.
  3. At least one PSP needs to be added to the Router with the toggle "Used in paywith" enabled.