This document provides an inventory of BridgerPay's essential data statuses along with their corresponding explanations.

When utilizing BridgerPay for various operations such as session creation and payment transaction execution, the information flow includes the presence of operational statuses. These statuses are either generated by BridgerPay or received from Payment Service Providers (PSPs). By leveraging these statuses, you have the capability to filter data, and you will also receive notifications regarding updates to other specific statuses.

Payment statuses

InitThe payment transaction has been created and is in the initial state.
ApprovedThe transaction has successfully received approval.
Approved on holdThe transaction is flagged for manual review as the amount received from the Payment Service Provider (PSP) is lower than the originally requested amount. Please perform a manual verification of the transaction and proceed to fund the end user accordingly.
AuthorizedThe transaction has been successfully authorized, typically applicable to debit and credit card payments that undergo a two-phase process involving "pre-authorization" and "capture".
In processThe transaction is currently in the process of being completed, particularly applicable to debit and credit card transactions.
PendingThe transaction is currently in progress and awaiting completion, a status that applies to various payment types including bank accounts and other methods.
Capture in progressThe transaction is currently in the process of being captured, indicating that the finalization of the transaction is underway.
RefundedThe transaction has been completely reimbursed, indicating that the entire amount has been returned to the payer.
Partly refundedThe transaction has been partially reimbursed, indicating that a portion of the amount has been returned to the payer.
VoidedThe transaction has been voided, indicating that it has been nullified or cancelled.
DeclinedThe transaction has been rejected or declined, indicating that it was not approved for processing.
Declined due to 3d auth failureThe transaction has been declined specifically due to a failure in the 3D authentication process.
Declined do not try againPlease refrain from making further attempts with the transaction, as it has been declined and should not be retried.
Declined by timeoutThe transaction has been declined as a result of a timeout, indicating that the processing time limit was exceeded.
Declined due to invalid credit cardThe transaction has been declined because the credit card provided is determined to be invalid or not recognized.
Declined due to invalid dataThe transaction has been declined due to the presence of invalid or incorrect data provided during the transaction process.
Declined due to errorThe transaction has been declined due to an error encountered during the processing or authorization process.
Filtered by ruleThe transaction has been excluded or bypassed as a result of a predefined rule that was configured.
Skipped due to missing fingerprintThe transaction has been skipped or omitted due to the absence or inability to obtain the required fingerprint data.


Payouts are considered as transactions, and therefore, all the relevant statuses that apply to regular transactions are also applicable to payouts.

Bridger 3DS statuses

3DS InitializationBridger 3DS has been Initiated.
3DS Initialization failedThere was no Bridger 3DS transaction created.
3DS Not authenticatedBridger 3DS has not authenticated the card.
3DS authentication failedA Bridger 3DS transaction was created, but an error occurred during authentication.
3DS authenticatedBridger 3DS has authenticated the card.