The Transaction page offers a convenient way to search and access transaction details. By utilizing this page, you can easily retrieve specific transactions by either searching for them directly or using the Merchant Order ID as a reference.

Moreover, the page facilitates efficient transaction management through various filtering options, allowing you to sort transactions based on date, status, PSP (Payment Service Provider), and more, streamlining the process of finding the relevant data you need.

Within the transaction panel, crucial information such as transaction IDs, client details, and PSP logs are readily available, providing a comprehensive overview of each transaction's key elements.

Should any issues arise with a particular transaction, you can employ the PSP Trx ID to directly address the matter with the respective Payment Service Provider. Alternatively, if you require assistance from our support team, utilizing the Merchant Order ID will ensure a seamless communication channel for resolving any queries or concerns.


To initiate refunds for transactions, you can follow a straightforward process. First, click on the desired transaction to access its details. Once you have the transaction details open, locate the refund button positioned at the top right corner of the window. By clicking on this refund button, you can proceed with the refund process.

It is important to note that the refund amount is limited to the original amount that was paid during the transaction. Therefore, you may issue a refund up to the maximum value of the payment received.


Kindly be advised that in order to make the refund option available, it is imperative to activate the toggling of refunds during the Payment Service Provider (PSP) configuration process.


To initiate a void or capture for transactions, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the transaction details by clicking on the desired transaction.
  2. Once the transaction details are displayed, you will find the "Void" and "Capture" buttons positioned at the top-right corner of the window.
  3. Click on the "Void" button to initiate the void process for the transaction, if applicable.
  4. Click on the "Capture" button to initiate the capture process for the transaction, if applicable.

Please note that the availability of the "Void" and "Capture" buttons will depend on the type of transaction and the specific payment service provider (PSP) being used. Always ensure that you are authorized to perform void or capture actions on the transaction before proceeding. These actions are critical as they impact the processing and status of the transaction, so exercise caution when using them.


Kindly be advised that void and capture options are only accessible for transactions that are in the "Authorized" status.